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Princess Fountain

On 17 January 1850, following a warning by the Marquis of Fronteira, then Prefect of Lisbon, as to the need to sanitise the Pedrouços area due to an epidemic, Lisbon City Council ordered not only the necessary sanitation but also the construction of a fountain that would provide drinking water in the area.

Thus the Chafariz da Princesa (Princess Fountain) was built. The name is a reference to Princess Maria Francisca Benedita, who owned an estate on the site.The fountain was built by the Council using stone donated by Maria II, who was the owner of Casal de Paio Calvo estate where the water source for the fountain was located.

It was designed by the Council architect, Malaquias Ferreira Leal, with the collaboration of the General Master of the Águas Livres water utility company, José Félix da Costa. It was inaugurated on 19 June 1851.

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