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Governor's Room

A narrow flight of stairs takes one to the first room in the tower, where one finds the octagonal opening of the tank that collected and stored rainwater.
The ceiling in this room is vaulted and covered in lime mortar. At the northeast and northwest angles one can see the accesses to the turrets.
To the left is a winding staircase that leads up to the top of the tower, providing access to the other rooms.
The name of this room most likely comes from the fact that in the 16th century there was a position of Governor of the Tower of Belém, the first Governor being Gaspar de Paiva, appointed in 1521. The office was always one of great prestige and royal distinction. The Governor represented the monarch and exercised military as well as administrative and judicial powers.
A palace was built close to the Tower of Belém as a residence for the successive governors.